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University of California, Santa Barbara, Pharmacology Undergraduate Program

UCSB's Pharmacology major is designed for students with research interests in all areas of the health sciences and is not related to pharmacy training. Students planning to major in pharmacology enter as a biological sciences premajor and take a common core curriculum of introductory biology, general chemistry, mathematics, physics, and organic chemistry. Students should complete this preparatory coursework in their freshman and sophomore years. Following successful completion of seven of these courses, students may advance from biology premajor to full major status. The pharmacology major requires completion of upper division coursework in biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, and genetics. Students round out their degree by selecting electives in molecular and cellular biology, neurobiology, biochemical pharmacology, physiology and developmental biology. Students should review the full requirement sheet for the major they intend to declare and plan their schedules accordingly.

URL: http://www.lifesci.ucsb.edu/undergrad/majors/pharmacology/pharmacology.html

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