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United Kingdom National Health Service: National Genetics Education and Development Centre

The NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre is working with a range of groups throughout the UK to facilitate the integration of genetics education into all levels of education and training for all NHS health professionals. The key aims of this center: 1. Providing leadership in genetics education 2. Helping to raise awareness 3. Involving patients and their families in informing all aspects of our work 4. Identifying the genetics knowledge, skills and attitudes which are useful for clinical role 5. Developing a framework for competences in genetics 6. Facilitating the integration of genetics into curricula and courses 7. Identifying and developing resources appropriate to the needs of health professionals (and their trainers) 8. Supporting and disseminating learning from service development initiatives in genetics Sponsors: The Centre is funded by the Department of Health as one of the major initiatives of the 2003 Genetics White Paper, Our Inheritance, Our Future - Realising the potential of genetics in the NHS which set out the Governments strategy for ensuring that the potential benefits of genetics are realised by the NHS.

URL: http://www.geneticseducation.nhs.uk/

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UK NHS Genetics Education

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