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UC Davis Center for Childrens Environmental Health

The Center for Children''s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention is a multi-disciplinary collaborative research organization established to examine how toxic chemicals may influence the development of autism in children. The Center''s goal is to contribute knowledge about autism that will lead to new strategies for the prevention and treatment of this mysterious condition. Parents and health professionals have raised concerns about how environmental factors such as pesticides, a variety of chemicals, or even some ingredients included in vaccines may effect the development of the disorder. We are the first center to examine the roles of a wide range of toxic chemicals, genetic predisposition, and the interplay between these two in altering brain development during early life and leading to abnormal social behavior in children. Scientists in the CCEH study the effects of the environment on children''s health, with a particular focus on autism. Researchers come from all fields including molecular biology, medicine, nutrition, psychology, animal behavior, and genetics. The Center''s research is guided by an Advisory Board with representatives including parents, activists, non-profits, government agencies, and concerned citizens. This Center is one of several children''s centers throughout the nation funded by the U.S. EPA and NIEHS.

URL: http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/cceh/

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Center for Children''s Environmental Health, Center for Children''s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention, UC Davis School of Vet Med: Center for Children''s Environmental Health

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EPA, NIEHS, University of California at Davis; California; USA, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine; California; USA, UC Davis School of Medicine; California; USA, R829388, R833292, 2P01ES011269

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