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Translating Time across developing mammalian brains

Web tool for translating neurodevelopemental time across species and predicting neurodevelopemental events. This tool was created because clinicians and researchers rely on neurodevelopment data obtained from a variety of non-human species, it is essential to be able to relate studies across the different experimental animals, and ultimately to humans, in an easily accessible format. This web site is based on a mathematical model originally described by Finlay and Darlington (Science, 268:1578-84) that predicts post conception (PC) dates using log transformations. It integrates hundreds of empirically-derived neural events to translate neurodevelopmental time across hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, spiny mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, cats, rhesus monkeys and humans.

URL: http://www.translatingtime.net

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events, ferrets, finlay, age, age correlation, age interpretation, age translation, algorithms, cats, chronometric, chronometry, darlington, development, gestation, guinea pigs, hamsters, humans, mammalian, mice, model, neurodevelopmental, neurogenesis, prediction, rabbits, rats, rhesus monkeys, spiny mice, time, translate, translation


Translating Time

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