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The Basics of MRI

An interesting and exhaustive explanation of how the technology works and is applied. It is an online book on principles and practice of magnetic resonance imaging. This educational package requires a hyper text markup language (HTML) 3.0 compatible browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari. This type of browser allows the user to view frames. Three frames will be used in this package to simultaneously display text, graphics, and navigation aids. You are reading this in the text window. The graphics window is in the upper left hand corner of your screen. This window will be used to display animations, static figures, references, symbol definitions, and the glossary. The navigation window appears in the lower left corner of the screen and has one line of options. To experience the full potential of the frames, a screen capable of displaying at least 1024 by 768 pixels with 256 colors is recommended. You may be able to gain a few extra pixels in the vertical direction on your monitor by turning off the show toolbar, show location, and show directory buttons under options at the top of your browser. A computer mouse is necessary to access the contents of this package. The mouse allows you to move up and down in a frame by either moving the slider, or holding the mouse button down on the up or down arrows located at the right of the frame.

URL: http://www.cis.rit.edu/htbooks/mri/

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fmriinstructional on the basics of mr imaging and data acquisition (e.g. the purpose and use of various mr contrast methods), mri, tutorial


The Basics of MRI

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