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Temporal-Lobe: Hippocampal - Parahippocampal Neuroanatomy of the Rat

THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, documented on December 20, 2013. A freely downloadable interactive diagram containing existing knowledge of hippocampal - parahippocampal connections in which any connection can be turned on or off at the level of cortical layers. It includes references for each connection. Project Goals: * To provide an overview of all known anatomical projections of the rat hippocampal - parahippocampal network. * To provide a graphical interface with which users can turn on or off any connections at regional level down to the level of cortical layers. * To make it easy to find references for a particular projection. Almost 1600 connections in the rat hippocampal - parahippocampal region are displayed.

URL: http://www.temporal-lobe.com/

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function, anatomical, connection, cortical, diagram, hippocampal, hippocampus, layer, literature, neuroanatomy, neuroscience, parahippocampal, projection, subfield, temporal lobe, topological, brain connectivity, connectome, magnetic resonance, connectivity, hippocampal formation, parahippocampal region, retrosplenial cortex, tract tracing

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TEMPORAL-LOBE, Parahippocampal-hippocampal network, Parahippocampal hippocampal connectivity

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The anatomy of memory: an interactive overview of the parahippocampal-hippocampal network.

  • van Strien NM
  • Nat. Rev. Neurosci.
  • 2009 20

Converging evidence suggests that each parahippocampal and hippocampal subregion contributes uniquely to the encoding, consolidation and retrieval of declarative memories, but their precise roles remain elusive. Current functional thinking does not fully incorporate the intricately connected networks that link these subregions, owing to their organizational complexity; however, such detailed anatomical knowledge is of pivotal importance for comprehending the unique functional contribution of each subregion. We have therefore developed an interactive diagram with the aim to display all of the currently known anatomical connections of the rat parahippocampal-hippocampal network. In this Review, we integrate the existing anatomical knowledge into a concise description of this network and discuss the functional implications of some relatively underexposed connections.

The retrosplenial cortex: intrinsic connectivity and connections with the (para)hippocampal region in the rat. An interactive connectome.

  • Sugar J
  • Front Neuroinform
  • 2011 17

A connectome is an indispensable tool for brain researchers, since it quickly provides comprehensive knowledge of the brain's anatomical connections. Such knowledge lies at the basis of understanding network functions. Our first comprehensive and interactive account of brain connections comprised the rat hippocampal-parahippocampal network. We have now added all anatomical connections with the retrosplenial cortex (RSC) as well as the intrinsic connections of this region, because of the interesting functional overlap between these brain regions. The RSC is involved in a variety of cognitive tasks including memory, navigation, and prospective thinking, yet the exact role of the RSC and the functional differences between its subdivisions remain elusive. The connectome presented here may help to define this role by providing an unprecedented interactive and searchable overview of all connections within and between the rat RSC, parahippocampal region and hippocampal formation.