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Telethon Genetic Biobank Network

The Telethon Genetic Biobank Network has been founded in 2008 by 7 Biobanks supported by Telethon Foundation, whose purpose is to collect, preserve and offer to the Scientific Community, and to Telethon-funded investigators in particular, biological samples and related clinical data from individuals affected by genetic diseases, from their relatives or from healthy control individuals. At present, the Network is constituted of 10 Biobanks. The aim of the Network is to coordinate and manage the Biobanks'' activities in order to enhance synergy and to provide scientists with an effective service responding to the highest quality standards, according to rigorous ethical principles complying with Italian laws and International Recommendations. You may browse by diagnosis or use the search option. Services provided by biobanks operating as a single entity: * DNA/RNA extraction; * Establishment of cell lines of fibroblasts, amniocytes and chorionic villous cells from appropriate tissue; * Establishment of EBV-transformed lymphoblast cultures from human blood; * Preservation of biological specimens and recording of the related data for genetic studies; * Distribution of samples to scientific community for specific research projects; * Repository services for patients and their families as well as external institutions, which do not have an independent biobank; General rules of access to the Biobanks are applied to all researchers (including the biobank staff) according to the following criteria: * Samples are made available to users for research purposes, provided that an adequate portion of those samples be safeguarded to the patients'' advantage; * Samples are distributed only to qualified professionals who are associated with recognized research or medical organizations engaged in health-related research or health care; * The request for samples must be adequately justified by the Principal Investigator (PI), who is required to complete the request form with a brief description of the research project, grant sponsor as well as expected results. By signing the request form the PI accepts the Network policies; * The request is granted only if the project employing the samples is feasible and in agreement with Telethon''s mission; * No samples are sent out before receiving the signed material transfer agreement form; * In case of scarcity of specimens Telethon researchers are privileged provided that their project equally meets the above-mentioned criteria. Some tissue samples, due to their rarity, could be not available even if they are published in the catalogue. Users will receive the confirmation of availability only after Request on-line submission. All requests are transparently accessible by all partners and by the Telethon program officer through the informatics management system. Note that recently a cost-recovery system has been introduced. The cost list is available in the designated section of the website.

URL: http://www.biobanknetwork.org/

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genetic, gene, clinical data, rare disease, lymphoblast, fibroblast, myoblast, tissue, cell line, ebv-transformed cell line, fibroblast cell line, myoblast cell line, dna, rna, serum, plasma, amniotic cell, blood, chorionic villi, edta blood, heparin blood, leukocyte, liquor, liver biopsy, liver, muscle tissue, muscle, peripheral nerve, skin, t-lymphocyte + il2, tumor cell line, urine, other, fresh, frozen, genetic disease, relative, normal control, healthy, catalog, disease


Sample type: Lymphoblast, Fibroblast, Myoblast, Tissue, Cell line, EBV-transformed cell line, Fibroblast cell line, Myoblast cell line, DNA, RNA, Serum, Plasma, Amniotic cell, Blood, Chorionic villi, EDTA blood, Heparin blood, Leukocyte, Liquor, Liver biopsy, Liver, Muscle tissue, Muscle, Peripheral nerve, Skin, T-Lymphocytes + IL2, Tumor cell line, Urine, Other

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Biomaterial Supply Resource, Data Set, Material Storage Repository, Tissue Bank, Material Service Resource


Public: Distribution of samples to scientific community for specific research projects. Samples are distributed only to qualified professionals who are associated with recognized research or medical organizations engaged in health-related research or health care;

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Genetic disease, Relative, Normal control, Healthy

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