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Species 2000

Species 2000 is a federation of database organizations working closely with users, taxonomists and sponsoring agencies. The goal of the Species 2000 project is to create a validated checklist of all the world''s species (plants, animals, fungi and microbes). This is being achieved by bringing together an array of global species databases covering each of the major groups of organisms. Each database covers all known species in the group, using a consistent taxonomic system. The participating databases are widely distributed throughout the world and currently number 52. The existing global species databases presently account for some 60% of the total known species, so substantial investment in new databases will be needed for full coverage of all taxa to be achieved.

URL: http://www.sp2000.org/

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fungus, animal, global, microbe, organism, plant, specie, taxonomy, taxonomy and identification databases


Species 2000

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