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A listing of grants and other funding types to support health research, programs and scholarship. Funding sources most frequently listed on ScanGrants include those of private foundations, corporations, businesses, and not-for profit organizations. Finding and listing less traditional funding opportunities is also a priority. Federal and state funding sources are typically not included on ScanGrants because they are readily available on other sites (e.g., www.grants.gov). The funding sources listed on ScanGrants may be of interest to virtually anyone associated with the health field medical researchers, social workers, nurses, students, community-based health educators, academics and others. They include grants, scholarships, fellowships, prizes for scientific achievement or distinguished service, travel awards to professional meetings, abstract, essay and poster awards among other sources of funding. ScanGrants is a free resource that lists funding opportunities for researchers and students at many stages of their research projects or careers. Examples include: poster awards for completed projects; travel grants that could help finance trips to meetings that would enable you to discuss with peers in your field projects you are contemplating undertaking or in the midst of; calls for nominations for science prizes you could nominate colleagues you admire for; and announcements of funding for programs for violence or disease prevention. We invite you to give ScanGrants a try. If you would like your grant or scholarship announcement reviewed for possible posting on ScanGrants, please fill out the form with your name, email address, link to the original online listing of the funding opportunity, the title of the grant or scholarship and as much additional detail as possible.

URL: http://www.scangrants.com/

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