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Sage Bionetworks

A non-profit biomedical research organization developing predictors of disease and accelerating health research through the creation of open systems, incentives, and standards. It was formed to coordinate and link academic and commercial biomedical researchers through a Commons that represents a new paradigm for genomics intellectual property, researcher cooperation, and contributor-evolved resources. They challenge the traditional roles of individuals, groups, patients and researchers by redefining how complex biological data is gathered, shared and used. Their mission is to leverage open systems and create new incentives that harness the advances in health care technology, such as computational models to predict outcome and responses to treatment. Their work includes the building of platforms and services and undertaking research developing predictors relating to health. They create technology platforms that facilitate collaboration on data, governance platforms that enable data sharing and reuse, run challenges to solve complex biomedical problems, and perform their own cutting-edge computational biology and research. The ultimate aim is create a culture of open collaboration. Sage Bionetworks accomplishes its work through partnerships and has three primary activities: * Researchers actively collaborate with a number of academic and commercial partners to apply advanced integrative genomic analysis to genetic and clinical datasets. * Provide training for interdisciplinary researchers to gain next generation bioinformatics skills that is the focus of a new National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Systems Biology. * Catalyzing and coordinating the development of a major new biological network and systems biology resource, the Sage Commons. Their software is available in Github, https://github.com/Sage-Bionetworks

URL: http://sagebase.org/

Resource ID: nif-0000-32903     Resource Type: Consortium     Version: Latest Version


bionetwork, medical, research, human, treatment, disease, biological, biomedical, genomic, development, diagnostic, therapeutic, molecular, meta-data, model, clinical, bioinformatics, drug, consortium, data sharing, software


Type:Third-party organization
Participant countries: U.S.
Country started: U.S.
Number of partners: 12
Start date: 2009

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12:00am December 14, 2010

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