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Roslin Institute

World class research center that undertakes top-class basic and translational science to tackle some of the most pressing issues in animal health and welfare, their implications for human health and for the role of animals in the food chain. Roslin provides holistic solutions to global challenges in human and veterinary medicine and the livestock industry. Its mission is to gain fundamental understanding of genetic, cellular, organ and systems bioscience underpinning common mechanisms of animal development and pathology, and to drive this into prevention and treatment of important veterinary diseases and develop sustainable farm animal production systems. The Roslin Institute aims to enhance the lives of animals and humans through world class research in animal biology. The principal objectives are to: * Enhance animal health and welfare through knowledge of genetic factors affecting resistance to disease. * Enhance sustainability and productivity of livestock systems and food supply chains through understanding of reproductive and developmental biology. * Enhance food safety by understanding interactions between disease causing organisms and animals. * Enhance human health through an understanding of basic mechanisms of health and disease and comparative biology of animal species. * Identify of new and emerging zoonoses and understand how pathogens might cross from animals to humans. * Enhance quality of life for animals by studying the mechanisms and behaviors associated with optimizing their environment and life experiences.

URL: http://www.roslin.ed.ac.uk/

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