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Ribosomal Mutation Database

This is a database of 16S and 23S ribosomal RNA mutations reported in literature, expanded to include mutations in ribosomal proteins and ribosomal factors. Access to the expanded versions of the 16S and 23S Ribosomal RNA Mutation Databases has been improved to permit searches of the lists of alterations for all the data from (1) one specific organism, (2) one specific nucleotide position, (3) one specific phenotype, or (4) a particular author. Please send bibliographic citations for published work to be included in The Ribosomal Mutation Database to the curator via email. The database currently consists of 1024 records, including 485 16S rRNA records from Escherichia coli, 37 16S-like rRNA records from other organisms, 421 23S rRNA records from E. coli, and 81 23S-like records from other organisms. The numbering of positions in all records corresponds to the numbering in E. coli. We welcome any suggested revisions to the database, as well as information about newly characterized 16S or 23S rRNA mutations. The expanded database will be renamed to The Ribosomal Mutation Database and will include mutations in ribosomal proteins and ribosomal factors.

URL: http://ribosome.fandm.edu

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escherichia coli, mutation, nucleotide, phenotype, ribosomal factor, ribosomal protein, ribosomal rna, rna, rna sequence, rrna, rrna 16s, rrna 23s


Ribosomal Mutation Database


The Ribosomal Mutation Database

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