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RatMine integrates data from RGD, UniProtKB, NCBI, KEGG and other sources to form a web-based data warehouse and tool set tailored for rat based data research. Search RatMine by entering names, identifiers, or keywords for genes, proteins, pathways, papers, etc. Additionally, we support programmatic access to our data through Application Programming Interface - choose from Perl or Java API. RatMine is a data warehouse that integrates many diverse biological data sets. The main focus is R. norvegicus genomics and proteomics. By integrating such data into one place it is possible to construct queries across domains of biological knowledge. The RatMine user interface is designed to go beyond simply looking up an identifier and viewing a report page. Some of the features include: * Quick Search is available just like on other sites, type in an identifier to see a report page. * Template queries are ''canned'' queries that provide a simple form to perform a specific task. You can create your own templates if you log in. * Lists lets you operate on whole lists of data at once. You can upload lists or save them from results tables. We also create useful public lists for everyone to use. * MyMine lets you create an account to save your own queries, bags and templates, as well as marking public templates as favorites.

URL: http://ratmine.mcw.edu/ratmine/begin.do

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disease, interaction, proteins, single nucleotide, gene ontology, mammalian phenotype, publication, genomics, pathway, quantitative trait loci

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Web Service, Data Analysis Service, Database



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