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RSC Prospect

Project to enhance online research articles across all of the RSC journals by identifying the compounds and subject terms to make it easier for users to find the articles that are most relevant to them, as well as providing downloadable information about compounds. RSC editors annotate compounds, concepts and data within articles and link these to additional electronic resources such as biological databases. This will transform the free text within an article to add new ways of identifying, retrieving and presenting the information within RSC publications. Text mining is used to attach structural information (InChI, SMILES and CML) to chemical names, especially chemical names which have never been seen before, and extensions handle terms defined in the Gold Book and ontology entries. The text mining is reviewed by skilled Technical Editors before publication.

URL: http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Journals/ProjectProspect/FAQ.asp

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compound, subject, annotate, text mining, tag, semantic publishing, enriched publication




Royal Society of Chemistry Prospect, Project Prospect

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