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RLS Foundation Brain Bank

The Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation established the RLS Foundation Brain Bank at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center in 2000. A part of the Harvard University medical system, the Center (housed at McLean Hospital and commonly referred to as The Brain Bank) began in 1978 as a centralized resource for the collection and distribution of human brain specimens for research and diagnostic studies. Over the years, hundreds of scientists from the nation's top research and medical centers have requested tissue from The Brain Bank for their investigations. Because most of these studies can be carried out on a very small amount of tissue, each donated brain provides a large number of samples for many researchers. For comparative purposes, brain tissue is needed from healthy individuals, as well as from those who had RLS. When possible, a small portion of frozen tissue taken from each brain donated to the RLS Foundation Collection will be kept available to serve as a resource for future genetic testing. The process of donating your brain to RLS research is broken down into 5 steps. To view these steps, please read our Process Steps in RLS Brain Tissue Collection. To read about the process of donating brain tissue for research, visit our Brain Bank Tissue Donation page.

URL: http://www.rls.org/Page.aspx?pid=540

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Public (non-commercial?): Over the years, Hundreds of scientists from the nation's top research and medical centers have requested tissue from The Brain Bank for their investigations.

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Restless Legs Syndrome, Healthy, Normal control




RLS Foundation Brain Bank


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