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PrimerParadise is an online PCR primer database for genomics studies. The database contains predesigned PCR primers for amplification of exons, genes and SNPs of almost all sequenced genomes. Primers can be used for genome-wide projects (resequencing, mutation analysis, SNP detection etc). The primers for eukaryotic genomes have been tested with e-PCR to make sure that no alternative products will be generated. Also, all eukaryotic primers have been filtered to exclude primers that bind excessively throughout the genome. Genes are amplified as amplicons. Amplicons are defined as only one genes exons containing maximaly 3000 bp long dna segments. If gene is longer than 3000 bp then it is split into the segments at length 3000 bp. So for example gene at length 5000 bp is split into two segment and for both segments there were designed a separate primerpair. If genes exons length is over 3000 bp then it is split into amplicons as well. Every SNP has one primerpair. In addition of considering repetitive sequences and mono-dinucleotide repeats, we avoid designing primers to genome regions which contain other SNPs. -There are two ways to search for primers: you can use features IDs ( for SNP primers Reference ID, for gene/exon primers different IDs (Ensembl gene IDs, HUGO IDs for human genes, LocusLink IDs, RefSeq IDs, MIM IDs, NCBI gene names, SWISSPROT IDs for bacterial genes, VEGA gene IDs for human and mouse, Sanger S.pombe systematic gene names and common gene names, S.cerevisiae GeneBanks Locus, AccNo, GI IDs and common gene names) -you can use genome regions (chromosome coordinates, chromosome bands if exists) -Currently we provide 3 primers collections: proPCR for prokaryotic organisms genes primers -euPCR for eukaryotic organisms genes/exons primers -snpPCR for eukaryotic organisms SNP primers Sponsors: PrimerStudio is funded by the University of Tartu.

URL: http://bioinfo.ebc.ee/PrimerStudio/

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eukaryotic, exon, gene, amplicon, amplifcation, analysis, dinucleotide, dna, genome, genomic, molecular probe and primer databases, mononucleotide, mutation, organism, pcr, primer, prokaryotic, region, repetitive, segment, sequence, snp, snp detection



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