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Pomona College, Neuroscience

Many of the courses that meet the requirements for the Neuroscience major at Pomona College are core courses in other departments. Neuroscience not only serves as an intersection between these traditional disciplines but also changes the way in which we approach those disciplines.The Neuroscience major prepares students for graduate study in neuroscience, medicine and for other careers that benefit from a solid foundation in science. Neuroscientists study such issues as the molecular and cellular basis of neuronal function, nervous system structure, how systems of neurons process information, the way in which functions are represented in the brain, the evolutionary development of the nervous system, neural correlates of behavior, and mechanisms of nervous system disorders.Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary study of the nervous system and behavior. The study of neuroscience has revolutionized the fundamental way in which we think about what it means to be human. At the heart of this revolutionary field stands the traditional disciplines of biology, chemistry, anthropology, and psychology.

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