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Odor Molecules DataBase

OdorDb is a database of odorant molecules, which can be searched in a few different ways. One can see odorant molecules in the OdorDB, and the olfactory receptors in ORDB that they experimentally shown to bind. You can search for odorant molecules based on their attributes or identities: Molecular Formula, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number and Chemical Class. Functional studies of olfactory receptors involve their interactions with odor molecules. OdorDB contains a list of odors that have been identified as binding to olfactory receptors.

URL: http://senselab.med.yale.edu/odordb

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genetics, cellular, molecular, olfactory, receptor, training material

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Olfactory Receptor DataBase



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Human Brain Project, NIDCD, NIMH, NIA, NICD, NINDS, Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, RO1 DC 009977

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12:00am September 21, 2010

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