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Neurotree: Academic Family Tree

An academic genealogy platform that collects information about graduate students and posdoctoral research connections. The Neuroscience Academic Family Tree is a free, volunteer-run website designed to help you track your academic genealogy. Our goal is to collect information about the graduate student and postdoctoral connections between most researchers in the field. :How do I navigate the tree? :There are several ways to wander around Neurotree. The basics are summed up in the commands at the top of each page: :* Tree - Jump to a random node on the tree :* Search - Search for a specific person or people at a specific institution :* Recent additions - List the most recent additions :* Distance - Trace the connection between two people in the tree :* Add person - Add a new person to the tree (and be a good citizen!). You must sign up for an account to make additions. :* Analysis - Learn more amazing facts about neurogenealogy! ... and possibly something about the field of neuroscience.

URL: http://neurotree.org/neurotree/

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