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NeuronBank wiki

A place for Neuroscientists to describe neurons and neural circuitry. It works like Wikipedia, in that all pages are available to be edited by registered users of NeuronBank. The ultimate goal is advance the field of Neuromics by creating an encyclopedia of neurons and neural circuitry. The NeuronBank Wiki works in parallel with NeuronBank itself. Every item in the NeuronBank knowledgebase has an Accession ID, which automatically generates a wiki page. However, there are important differences between the NeuronBank Wiki and the NeuronBank KnowledgeBase: * The NeuronBank KnowledgeBase has powerful tools for searching and for representing information, but it is more structured than the NeuronBank Wiki. * Only Editors have permission to edit the NeuronBank Knowledgebase, but all registered users can edit the NeuronBank Wiki. * The NeuronBank Wiki can contain information that is not represented in the NeuronBank Knowledgebase, including information about neurons in species that do not yet have branches. Help for NeuronBank is available at NeuronBank.org/help. The help manual is also in the form of an editable wiki. The Branch listing shows the current list of active branches in NeuronBank. This list contains the following branches: 1. Tritonia - a model mollusc 2. Melibe - nudibranch mollusc 3. Sandbox - a place with fake data for users to play in. The leech neurobiology community is preparing a Hirudo branch of NeuronBank, but it is not ready for release yet.

URL: http://neuronbank.org/wiki

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encyclopedia, neuron, synapse, synaptic connection



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