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A specialized hardware platform that will perform cortex-scale emulations while offering software-like flexibility. With sixteen 12x14 sq-mm chips (Neurocores) assembled on a 6.5x7.5 sq-in circuit board that can model a slab of cortex with up to 16x256x256 neurons - over a million! The chips are interconnected in a binary tree by 80M spike/sec links. An on-chip RAM (in each Neurocore) and an off-chip RAM (on a daughterboard, not shown) softwire vertical and horizontcal cortical connections, respectively. It provides an affordable option for brain simulations that uses analog computation to emulate ion-channel activity and uses digital communication to softwire synaptic connections. These technologies impose different constraints, because they operate in parallel and in serial, respectively. Analog computation constrains the number of distinct ion-channel populations that can be simulatedunlike digital computation, which simply takes longer to run bigger simulations. Digital communication constrains the number of synaptic connections that can be activated per secondunlike analog communication, which simply sums additional inputs onto the same wire. Working within these constraints, Neurogrid achieves its goal of simulating multiple cortical areas in real-time by making judicious choices.

URL: http://www.stanford.edu/group/brainsinsilicon/neurogrid.html

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simulation, neuron, cortex, synapse, analog vlsi



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12:00am September 15, 2011

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Neurogrid: emulating a million neurons in the cortex.

  • Boahen K
  • Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc
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