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Neuroanatomy at UBC

The WEB ATLAS contains photographs of dissected brains showing important structures. The diagrams folder contains drawings showing functionally important parts of the brain as well as drawings of dissections adapted from C.G. Smith. We are particularly pleased to make Nan Cheney''s medical illustrations of the brain and the head available. The STROKE MODEL portion of the website has syndromes associated with strokes of different vessels of the brain as well as extensive diagrams and tables about the vessels of the brain. The 3D RECONSTRUCTIONS featured on this website were made from MRI scans through the brain - where indicated the source material was from the NIH Visible Human Project. The website will also contain material important for the neuroanatomy labs for med students at UBC. Weekly quizzes will help you keep up with studying the material, the podcasts will help you review material presented in the labs, and the weekly wikis will help you share information with your peers.

URL: http://www.neuroanatomy.ca/

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Neuroanatomy at UBC


UBC Neuroanatomy

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