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National Centers for Biomedical Computing

The NCBCs are a set of networked computation core facilities for biomedical infrastructure funded under the NIH Common Fund, the National Program of Excellence in Biomedical Computing (NPEBC). There are seven funded Centers that cover systems biology, image processing, biophysical modeling, biomedical ontologies, information integration, and tools for gene-phenotype and disease analysis. The centers will create innovative software programs and other tools that enable the biomedical community to integrate, analyze, model, simulate, and share data on human health and disease. Each Center has Cores that are focused on (1) computational science, (2) biomedical computational science and (3) driving biological projects whose intent is to drive the interaction between computational and biomedical computational science. In addition to the Centers, the NIH has a number of active program announcements to develop collaborations with the biomedical research community��this includes announcements from the Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative (BISTI) and the Program for Collaborations with National Centers for Biomedical Computing. There are numerous efforts in education and training that emanate from the Centers and there is an annual all hands meeting.

URL: http://www.ncbcs.org/

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