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National Center for Research Resources - Primate Resources

THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, documented on October 16, 2013. NCRR has been absorbed into other parts of the National Institutes of Health. This organizational structure is no longer available. Provides laboratory scientists and clinical researchers with the resources and tools they need to understand, detect, treat and prevent a wide range of diseases. Animal models, such as nonhuman primates, are a critical component of biomedical research, having profound implications for public health. Scientists depend on laboratory animals and other nonhuman models for investigating biological processes, studying the causes of diseases and testing promising new therapies. Nonhuman primates, in particular, are important for translational research because of their close physiological similarities to humans. They enable discoveries that have direct application to human studies, bridging the gap between basic science and human medicine. Discoveries in animal models are helping scientists test treatments for human conditions such as drug addiction, obesity, malaria, HIV/AIDS and neurodegenerative diseases, accelerating the pace at which these research advances can be translated into treatments for patients. Through its Division of Comparative Medicine, NCRR offers a wide variety of primate resources for NIH-funded scientists across the nation. Additionally, funding opportunities are available to National Primate Research Centers. Eight National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) located throughout the country provide animals, facilities and expertise in all aspects of nonhuman primate biology and husbandry. These facilities and resources enable collaborative research among NPRC staff scientists, investigators from the NPRC host institution and other NIH-funded researchers. Major areas of research benefiting from the primate centers include AIDS, avian flu, Alzheimer''s disease, Parkinson''s disease, diabetes, asthma and endo-metriosis. The centers����?����������?? specialized resources are intended to support investigators who receive their primary research project funding from NIH, but they also may be used by investigators who are funded by other federal, state and local agencies, as well as by research foundations and the private sector. Together the primate centers have more than 28,000 nonhuman primates of 20 different species. This portal covers the following topics: * National Primate Research Centers * Monkey Research Resources * Chimpanzee Research Resources * Chimpanzee Management Program * Specific-Pathogen-Free Macaque Resources * Nonhuman Primate Research Reagents

URL: http://www.ncrr.nih.gov/comparative_medicine/resource_directory/primates.asp

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For NIH-funded scientists across the nation, THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE


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NCRR Primate Resources


Nonhuman Primate Research Resources

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