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National Cell Repository for Alzheimers Disease

A national repository for Alzheimer''s disease that collects and maintains biological specimens and associated data on large numbers of genetically informative, phenotypically well-characterized families with multiple individuals affected with Alzheimer''s disease, as well as individuals for case-control studies. Qualified research scientists may apply to NCRAD for samples and data to conduct genetic research. NCRAD is located at Indiana University. It is the policy of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) that useful specimens and Associated Phenotypic Data for the genetics of late-onset Alzheimer''s disease be deposited at NCRAD whenever possible. Associated Phenotypic Data is defined as deidentified data on family structure, age, sex, vital status, psychopathology, diagnosis, and other clinically relevant associated phenotypic information, stripped of all personal identifiers and thus unlinkable to the individuals from whom they were obtained.

URL: http://ncrad.iu.edu/

Resource ID: nif-0000-00178     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


gene, genetic research, alzheimer''s disease, clinical, control, dementia, dna, late onset alzheimer''s disease, memory loss, normal, phenotypic data, research study, late adult human, cell line, clinical data, plasma, serum, rna, brain tissue, phenotype, family history, blood

Additional Resource Types

Tissue Bank, Biomaterial Supply Resource, Biospecimen Repository, Data Repository


Public, Application required for genetic research.

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Alzheimer''s disease, Late-onset Alzheimer''s disease, Dementia, Normal, Memory loss, Aging





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NIA, NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research,

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Sample type: DNA, Plasma, Serum, RNA, Brain tissue, Cell line, Blood

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One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, Biobank

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12:00am July 6, 2011

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