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NIDA Networking Project: Facilitating information exchange and research collaboration

Provides opportunities for information sharing and research collaboration among NIDAs networks across the country. It gives researchers and clinicians access to networks locations, people, expertise, and resources to help synergize efforts, improve efficiency, and accelerate scientific discovery. It currently consists of 14 networks and more than 230 sites involved in research and data collection sponsored by NIDA around the nation. The NNP was developed to provide the opportunity for these organizations to learn about each other and potentially work together on research collaboration and data collection in the future. In December 2008, NIDA added the first in a series of Research Interest Groups to the NNP to encourage more interdisciplinary collaboration among network and non-network grantees. The 14 networks now participating are: * Sponsored and funded by NIDA alone or in partnership; * Directed at drug abuse prevention, treatment or related HIV/AIDS research, data collection, and/or dissemination; * Located in multiple sites around the country; * Focused on research that can be transferred to the community.

URL: http://nnp.drugabuse.gov/

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drug abuse, addiction, aids, collaboration, data collection, dissemination, grant, hiv, prevention

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NIDA Networking Project

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