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NCI Specimen Resource Locator

The Specimen Resource Locator is a database to help researchers locate human specimens (tissue, serum, DNA/RNA, other specimens) for cancer research. It includes tissue banks and tissue procurement systems with access to normal, benign, precancerous and cancerous human tissue from a variety of organs. Researchers specify the types of specimens, number of cases, preservation methods and associated data they require. The Locator will then search the database and return a list of tissue resources most likely to meet their requirements. When no match is obtained, the researcher is referred to the NCI Tissue Expediter (tissexp@mail.nih.gov). The Tissue expediter is a scientist who can help researchers identify appropriate resources and/or appropriate collaborators.

URL: http://pluto3.nci.nih.gov/tissue/default.cfm

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tumor, normal, microarray


Specimen Resource Locator

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