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Interactive graphical browser for biological networks, it provides a simple, intuitive, and dynamic interface to molecular interaction data that allows biologists to take advantage of the rapidly expanding body of functional genomics data. You can launch N-Browse directly via its webstart, its applet, or launch the webstart with an initial query. The N-Browse server at NYU currently provides access to a variety of large-scale functional genomic datasets from several species. Users can also upload their own data for integrated browsing with publicly available datasets. The N-Browse GUI (graphical user interface) runs as a desktop webstart application that launches from your web browser and uses a client-server system to provide network data to the user from a server-side database. It uses JDBC to talk to a MySQL database with the optimized NBrowse schema. There is a DataAdapter interface (which the JDBC adapter implements) that allows developers to hook up their datasource to NBrowse.

URL: http://aquila.bio.nyu.edu/NBrowse2/NBrowse.html

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molecular interaction network, graphical browser, interaction, molecular interaction, java applet, visualization, biological network, network, graph, browser, web-based, client-server system, java, functional genomics, gui, mysql

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Data Visualization Software, Data Analysis Service, Data Set


caenorhabditis elegans, drosophila melanogaster, human, escherichia coli





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Department of the Army, NYSTAR, Award W81XWH-04-1-0307, Contract #C040066,





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12:00am May 20, 2011

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Browsing multidimensional molecular networks with the generic network browser (N-Browse).

  • Kao HL
  • Curr Protoc Bioinformatics
  • 2008 26

N-Browse is a graphical network browser for the visualization and navigation of heterogeneous molecular interaction data. N-Browse runs as a Java applet in a Web browser, providing highly dynamic and interactive on-demand access to network data available from a remote server. The N-Browse interface is easy to use and accommodates multiple types of functional linkages with associated information, allowing the exploration of many layers of functional information simultaneously. Although created for applications in biology, N-Browse uses a generic database schema that can be adapted to network representations in any knowledge domain. The N-Browse client-server package is freely available for distribution, providing a convenient way for data producers and providers to distribute and offer interactive visualization of network-based data.