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Mouse Atlas Project

Detailed multidimensional digital multimodal atlas of the C57BL/6J mouse nervous system with a high-throughput data and informatics pipeline that can automatically register, annotate, and visualize large scale neuroanatomical and connectivity data produced in commonly used methodologies including histology, neuronal tract tracing, MR imaging, and genetic labeling. Using multimodal imaging methods on adult mouse brains, this high-resolution atlas forms the basis of a useful interchange reference system for the mouse. MAP2.0 interoperates with commonly used publicly available databases to bring together brain architecture, gene expression, and imaging information into a single, simple interface. The project enables scientists to leverage the results of brain atlasing efforts in their investigations of gene function, connectomics, and detailed mouse neuroanatomy. The MAP atlas is comprised of a magnetic resonance microscopy (MRM) and an anatomic delineation volume, and a set of software tools for visualization, navigation, and registration of image volumes. The software tools bundled with the atlas volumes are SHIVA (visualization and analysis), BrainGraph (navigation and connectivity), and GEMporter (registration and importation). A database of ancillary volumes is available online, a supplement to the Mouse Atlas Project core volumes. They represent different developmental time points and methods of preparation. To facilitate the process of selecting and analyzing image data from this collection, we have developed a relational database application to manage and catalog the images and related data. Attributes of the subject such as age, strain, weight and anatomical structure are recorded, as are image volume properties such as modality, resolution and anatomical structure. The ongoing partnership with the Brain Architecture Center has led to the development of a robust and flexible nomenclature and anatomical ontology for MAP2.0. This collaboration extends both Mouse Atlas Project and the Brain Architecture Management System.

URL: http://www.emouseatlas.org/emap/home.html

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molecular neuroanatomy resource, adult mouse, mouse, brain, c57bl/6j, magnetic resonance microscopy, diffusion-weighted image, blockface imaging, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, neuroanatomy, mri, dti, brain architecture, gene expression, neuroimaging, ontology, connectivity, histology, neuronal tract tracing, genetic labeling, newborn mouse, experimental protocol

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