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Molecular Imaging Probes

This is a database of molecular imaging probes for various diseases including: dopamine disorder, parkinson''s disease, cancer, inflammation and prion disorders. This is the fourth version of Reference Book. When the first version was released in 1998, it listed approximately 1,000 references that were taken mainly from the following four journals: Applied Radiation Isotopes, Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, Nuclear Medicine and Biology and Journal of Nuclear Medicine. The present version lists approximately 1,400 references. This increase in paper number surely indicates that PET radiochemistry has been steadily growing and expanding. Accordingly, the number of journals carrying PET compounds has also expanded and this makes it more and more difficult to collect all papers concerned. At present two journals, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Bioorganic &.Medicinal Chemistry, have become another major sources. For all efforts towards picking up new compounds meeting abstracts or proceedings are still not referred to in this book. Some major modifications are made on the present version. Reference numbers put on each compound name in the previous versions are replaced with first author names and published years, and all references are put together in a later chapter and arranged in alphabetical order of its first author name as often seen in journals. This change makes it impossible that compound names directly refer to references. Compound name index just lists the name of a chapter where a compound can be found. However, the following modification makes up for this inconvenience. In the previous version compound names were written together with their chemical structures using ISIS/Draw and then put on pages of an MS Word file, while these are separated in the present version, that is, compound names are directly written on the pages. This enables to use a powerful search engine of Acrobat to find out a compound interested. Another modification is the addition of a new chapter Amyloid imaging agents. This field is currently expanding very rapidly and gaining an increased interest. A few new chapters will be added in next version. Many of compound names are simply copied from those appearing in the journals. However, some of the compounds are not properly named. Renaming according to the IUPAC nomenclature will be one of possible modifications. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Shozo Furumoto, TUBERO, Tohoku University, for his kind and careful proofread of the draft. He found many mistakes in chemical structures and compound names, and he also brought me some important articles I overlooked. I am deeply thankful for support from many friends. Without their encouragement I could not have continued to update the book.

URL: http://mip.pharmacology.ucla.edu/Default.aspx

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Molecular Imaging Probes

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