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MfunGD - MIPS Mouse Functional Genome Database

MfunGD provides a resource for annotated mouse proteins and their occurrence in protein networks. It contains cDNA and protein sequences, annotation, gene models and mapping, FunCat, UCSC Genome Viewer, SIMAP, pseudogenes (Genome Viewer Track), InterPro, and splice variants. Protein function annotation is performed using the Functional Catalogue (FunCat) annotation scheme, which is a hierarchically structured classification system. To provide up-to-date similarity search results and InterPro domain analyses, the protein entries are interconnected with the SIMAP database. The gene models are based on the RefSeq mouse cDNAs. The work of our group is focussed on the annotation of biological systems. Therefore, results from the Mammalian Protein-Protein Interaction Database and the Comprehensive Resource of Mammalian Protein Complexes are linked to the MfunGD dataset. Links to external resources are also provided. MfunGD is implemented in GenRE, a J2EE based component oriented multi-tier architecture.

URL: http://mips.gsf.de/genre/proj/mfungd

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Mouse Functional Genome Database

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GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health, German Federal Ministry of Research and Education,

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