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Meharry Medical College Pharmacology

The Graduate Program in Pharmacology at Meharry Medical College embraces the broad definition of pharmacology as the study of how chemical agents affect living processes; the chemicals involved include agents such as endogenous hormones, neurotransmitters, and/or growth factors; toxic substances in our environment; and pharmaceutically developed drugs. The breadth of our scientific environment is manifested by faculty who study the fate of drugs once ingested and the variability of drug response in varying patient populations (a discipline known as pharmacokinetics), as well as faculty who study the mechanisms by which drugs and endogenous agents work (a discipline known as pharmacodynamics). A unique strength of our research and training environment is the inter-disciplinary nature of the program, which encompasses faculty from the four divisions of the Department of Biomedical Science and Departments of Internal Medicine and Neurology.

URL: http://www.mmc.edu/education/sogsr/academicprograms/phd_program/pharmacology/

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