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Medical Research Council Harwell: An International Centre for Mouse Genetics

Portal at the international forefront in the use of mouse genetics to study the relationship between gene and disease. The models created and studied are used to understand the disease processes that occur when a gene goes wrong. Research at MRC Harwell comprises 11 programs that are grouped into three major sections with extensive cross-talk between sections: Functional Genomics and Disease Mechanisms, Neuroscience, and Metabolism. Harwell, in collaboration with Oxford, also offers graduate and post doc programs. The aim is to have information about the relationship between gene and disease for every gene in the mouse genome, and by extension every gene in the human genome. This will provide a wealth of data and opportunities for advances in medical understanding and treatment. The national centre for mouse genetics at Harwell is in the vanguard of these developments, providing the research programs and expertise, allied to state-of-the-art facilities, to advance medicine and knowledge through the discovery and investigation of mouse models of human disease. The Mammalian Genetics Unit is a major international research center at the forefront of studies in mouse genetics and functional genomics, investigating a wide variety of disease models and enhancing our understanding of the molecular and genetic bases of disease. The Mary Lyon Centre is a national facility for mouse functional genomics, providing world-class expertise, tools and space to generate mouse models of human disease for MRC Harwell and the wider research community.

URL: http://www.har.mrc.ac.uk/

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