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Medical College of Wisconsin Cell Biology Neurobiology and Anatomy

Our mission is to conduct fundamental research in the areas of cell biology, developmental biology and neurobiology, and to provide a first rate educational experience for students of the Medical College of Wisconsin and its Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Current research in the department is strong in two major areas; developmental biology and neurobiology. Postdoctoral research opportunities are available. In developmental biology there is a focus on growth, regeneration and transcription mediated pathways in such systems as neural crest differentiation, heart development, liver development and in the area of muscle atrophy and plasticity. In neurobiology there is a strength in vision with special focus on photoreceptor cell biology, color vision, plasticity in the visual cortex, and functional MRI of the visual system. The department is currently expanding its research efforts in both areas. Faculty in the department also participate in interdisciplinary graduate education through the Graduate Programs in Neuroscience and Biomedical Sciences, and through management of an interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology. The department also plays an essential role in medical education through its first year medical courses in Cell and Tissue Biology, Developmental Biology, and Clinical Human Anatomy. In addition, the department is a principal participant in an interdisciplinary neuroscience course which includes faculty from other departments within the medical college.

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