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Medical College of Georgia Tumor Bank

The MCG Tumor Tissue and Serum Repository or tumor bank, located in the Department of Pathology, Murphey Pathology Building, was established with support from the Georgia Cancer Coalition (GCC). Its mission is to provide researchers access to high quality annotated specimens, an essential requirement for cancer research. The repository collection includes a variety of specimen types, such as tumor tissue and cells, blood and other biofluids as well as normal specimens used as controls. The quality of all specimens is reviewed by a pathologist, and the information is captured in the tumor bank''s database. An imaging system will be used in the future to capture this information. Human-derived specimens are a very precious resource, and therefore the operations of the tumor bank are overseen by an advisory board, representing GHSU and other stakeholders, to ensure that the specimens are properly utilized and the privacy of specimen donors is protected.

URL: http://www.georgiahealth.edu/cancer/shared/tumor/index.html

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MCG Tumor Bank

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MCG Tumor Tissue and Serum Repository, GHSU Cancer Center Tumor Bank


Address:BF 236 Murphey Pathology Building Medical College of Georgia 1120 15th Street Augusta, GA 30912

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