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Massachusetts Alzheimers Disease Research Center

The mission of the Massachusetts Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center is To support new research and to enhance ongoing research by providing core support to bring together behavioral, biomedical, and clinical science investigators in a manner that will enrich the effectiveness of Alzheimer disease research and ultimately, improve health care delivery...to foster three related functions: Conducting multi-disciplinary research; training scientists and clinicians; and teaching and/or transferring new information concerning Alzheimer disease and related disorders. The Massachusetts ADRC was officially established on September 28, 1984 by our Founding Director, Dr. John H. Growdon, and it remains one of the two original ADCs (the other being the ADRC at the University of California at San Diego) that have been continually funded by the National Institute on Aging since the ADC program inception. The principal goal of the Massachusetts ADRC is to stimulate and support research of the highest quality in aging, Alzheimer''s Disease and related disorders. Our researchers work with national and international multi-disciplinary teams to understand normal aging, and the transition from normal aging to mild forms of memory problems, to the later stages of dementia. Many of our research projects are also coordinated through the National Institute on Aging''s National Alzheimer''s Coordinating Center. The Massachusetts ADRC has an active brain donation program at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for subjects enrolled in our research studies and patients of the MGH. Our brain donation program welcomes enquiries from healthy donors as well as those with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer''s disease; Parkinson''s disease; frontotemporal dementias (including Pick''s disease & Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)); dementia with Lewy bodies; other Parkinsonian diseases (including Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD)); vascular dementias (including Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA)); dementia pugilistica (Boxer''s Syndrome) and other rarer forms of neurodegenerative disorders. All samples are distributed in a completely de-identifed manner, keeping the identities of donors to our program confidential. The decision to participate is usually made jointly by the patient and family. You may make enquiries through the Neuropathology Service at the MGH (Tel: 617-726-5156). As a specialized research center funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the Massachusetts Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center welcomes you to learn more about the extensive research, training and outreach programs that are offered, and we hope that you will join us in our efforts to discover effective treatments and an eventual cure for Alzheimer''s disease.

URL: http://madrc.mgh.harvard.edu/

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Healthy control, Aging, Alzheimer''s disease, Neurological disease, Parkinson''s disease, Frontotemporal dementia, Pick''s disease, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Dementia, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Corticobasal Degeneration, Vascular dementia, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy, Dementia pugilistica, Boxer''s Syndrome, Neurodegenerative disease




Massachusetts ADRC


Massachusetts Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center, Massachusetts Alzheimer''s Disease Reearch Center Brainbank

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