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Marine Ecological Genomics

A portal to georeferenced databases and tools for the analysis of marine bacterial, archaeal, and phage genomes and metagenomes. The megx.net database, MegDB (microbial ecological genomics DataBase), is a collection of publicly available georeferenced marine bacterial and archaeal genomes and metagenomes, including the Global Ocean Sampling (GOS) reads. Marine microbial genomics and metagenomics is an emerging field in environmental research. Since the completion of the first marine bacterial genome in 2003, the number of fully sequenced marine bacteria has grown rapidly. Concurrently, marine metagenomics studies are performed on a regular basis, and the resulting number of sequences is growing exponentially. To address environmentally relevant questions like organismal adaptations to oceanic provinces and regional differences in the microbial cycling of nutrients, it is necessary to couple sequence data with geographical information and supplement them with contextual information like physical, chemical and biological data. Therefore, new specialized databases are needed to organize and standardize data storage as well as centralize data access and interpretation. Megx.net is a set of databases and tools that handle genomic and metagenomic sequences in their environmental contexts.

URL: http://www.megx.net/

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ecological, ecosystem, environmental, general genomics databases, adaptation, archaeal, bacterial, biological, chemical, genome, genomic, geographical, marine, metagenome, microbial, ocean, oceanic, phage, geographical information system, gis, physiochemical, metagenomics, rrna, sequence




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