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Manhattan HIV Brain Bank

Biorepository of tissues and fluids relevant for the neurologic, neuropsychologic, psychiatric and neuropathologic manifestations of HIV infection, linked to medical records and an on-going clinical trial for research use by the scientific community. The MHBB conducts a longitudinal, observational study that follows a group of HIV-infected individuals who have agreed to be fluid and organ donors for the purposes of AIDS research. They are currently the largest, multidisciplinary neuroAIDS cohort in New York City, the epicenter of the US HIV epidemic. Research participants undergo regular neurologic, neuropsychologic, and psychiatric evaluations, and provide body fluid samples that are linked to clinical information. Upon their demise, study participants become organ donors. This program has supplied clinical information, tissue, and fluid samples to over 70 qualified AIDS researchers across America, Europe and Australia. In fulfilling its resource mission, the MHBB functions as part of the National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium (NNTC). MHBB provides a means by which people living with HIV can be engaged in the struggle to improve our knowledge about HIV infection and the damage it causes to the body.

URL: http://www.mssm.edu/research/programs/manhattan-hiv-brain-bank/

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