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Living Bank

Nationwide organ and tissue donor registry that is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of organ and tissue donation. They educate the community about the urgent need for donors so no one dies or suffers for lack of donation, honor donors and support organ recipients, living donors and their families. They are cognizant of the many challenges ahead before the day comes when no one will die because a donor organ was not available at the time of need. The Board and Staff of The Living Bank dedicate their efforts to increase the number of registered-informed donors. The programs and services of The Living Bank are: # The Living Donor Bank Program advocates and supports living donors before, during and after the donation process. # Travel Stipend/Donor Support Program assists living donors in arranging transportation and provides stipends if they must travel to donate. # Donor Education Program educates the public regarding the donation and use of organs and tissues and provide donor cards.

URL: http://www.livingbank.org/

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Living Bank


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