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The Linked Clinical Trials (LinkedCT) project aims at publishing the first open Semantic Web data source for clinical trials data. The data exposed by LinkedCT is generated by (1) transforming existing data sources of clinical trials into RDF, and (2) discovering links between the records in the trials data and several other data sources. You may download static data dumps. The LinkedCT data space is published according to the principles of publishing Linked Data. These principles greatly enhance adaptability and usability of data on the web. Each entity in LinkedCT is identified by a unique HTTP dereferenceable Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). When the URI is looked up, related RDF statements about the entity is returned in HTML or RDF/XML based on the user''s agent. Moreover, a SPARQL endpoint is provided as the standard access method for RDF data.

URL: http://data.linkedct.org/

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Linked Clinical Trials, LinkedCT Live Databrowse, LinkedCT.org

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