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Lausanne Genomic Technologies Facility

The Lausanne Genomics Technologies Facility (GTF) is a genomic technologies core laboratory serving the Lausanne and Lemanic region research community. It is housed in and administered by the Center for Integrative Genomics. The GTF offers a range of microarrays services, including : providing access to the instrumentation and the consumables that are required for the use of the pre-printed oligonucleotide microarrays available from Affymetrix and Illumina as well as miRNA gene microarrays from Agilent Technologies providing access to and supporting applications using the Illumina Genome Analyzer 2 ultra high throughput DNA sequencing platform providing access to the instrumentation and the consumables that are required for performing quantitative real-time PCR analyses using the Applied Biosystems 7900HT Sequence Detection System. providing bioinformatics support and consultation services at the stages of experimental design, data collection and storage, image analysis and data analysis acting as a center of experience, expertise and training in microarray and quantitative PCR technologies and methodologies. Laboratory space and computer workstations are available to users wanting to perform the experiments and/or analyses in the facility. The GTF also acts as an information clearing house for the user community by providing a forum for the sharing of methods, protocols and experience generated by the GTF and community scientists using microarray and quantitative PCR technology investigating and implementing, when appropriate, microarray-based methods for applications other than gene expression monitoring (e.g. SNP detection) participating in the evaluation of new RNA expression profiling and nucleic hybridization detection technologies as they develop and incorporate the appropriate technologies into the services offered by the facility

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