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LPDB: Ligand-Protein DataBase

The Ligand Protein Database is designed to allow the selection of complexes based on various properties of receptors and ligands for the design and parametrization of new scoring functions or to assess and improve existing ones. Moreover, for each complex, a continuum of ligand positions ranging from the crystallographic position to points on the surface of the protein receptor allows an assessment of the energetic behavior of particular scoring functions. Access to the database is password protected. To obtain access to the LPDB, complete a form, available online, have it signed by your research advisor, and fax the completed form back to the attention of Professor Charles L. Brooks III, (858) 784-8688. There is no fee for academic use of the LPDB. We are currently working out details for licensing to our colleagues in industry. Please contact Professor Brooks to obtain current information on access to the LPDB.

URL: http://lpdb.chem.lsa.umich.edu/

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complexes, ligand, protein, receptors



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