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KLI Theory Lab

The primary aim of the KLI Theory Lab is to highlight interconnections between topics of problems of research on evolution and cognition that look theoretically or methodologically promising. Quite often such correlations remain unrecognized because of the disciplinary closure that characterizes the organization of the scientific enterprise. * Introductory Resources: Introductory texts to various relevant disciplines, provided by the Konrad Lorenz Institute include: ** Introduction to Artificial Intelligence ** Introduction to Artificial Life ** Introduction to Cognitive Science ** Introduction to Cultural Evolution ** Introduction to Developmental Biology ** Introduction to Epistemology & Philosophy of Science ** Introduction to Ethology & Sociobiology ** Introduction to Evolutionary Biology ** Introduction to Evolutionary Epistemology ** Introduction to Genetic Epistemology ** Introduction to History and Social Sciences ** Introduction to Normative Issues ** Introduction to Philosophy of Biology ** Introduction to Philosophy of Mind ** Introduction to Theoretical Biology * Reference Database: The KLI Theory Lab contains a vast collection of research papers that have been selected based on their significance and quality. ** Search references: The search page allows you to search for references and to narrow down your search based on keywords. Results are ordered by relevance. ** Browse references: All references in the database, ordered by date of publication.

URL: http://theorylab.org/

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KLI Theory Lab


KLI Theory Lab: A powerful scientific database, Konrad Lorenz Institute Theory Lab

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