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Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Alzheimers Disease Research Center

One of the thirty-two national Alzheimer''s Disease Centers (ADC), the Bryan ADRC has led research and delivered state-of-the-art care for people with Alzheimer''s disease (AD) and their families. It offers support services for families caring for persons with memory disorders, community outreach and education programs, in addition to its broad portfolio of clinical and basic research activities. Information on current scientific and clinical findings is offered to the general public, medical and scientific community via the Bryan ADRC publications, an annual conference, and clinical training programs. Outpatient specialty services are provided through the Center''s Memory Disorders Clinic (MDC). An important emphasis of the Bryan ADRC is to advance basic medical discovery about AD and related dementias. This basic science mission is facilitated through the DNA cell repository located in the Institute of Genome Sciences and Policy (IGSP) and the Bryan ADRC brain donation program of the Kathleen Price Bryan Brain Bank. These affiliated Bryan ADRC programs provide an invaluable source of fresh brain tissue, which can be sent to laboratories across the globe to hasten research productivity and to generate new ideas through interdisciplinary collaboration.

URL: https://adrc.mc.duke.edu/index.php

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alzheimer''s disease, memory disorder, clinical trial, dementia, late adult human

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Bryan ADRC


Bryan Alzheimers Disease Research Center, Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center, Joseph Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center, Joseph Kathleen Bryan Alzheimers Disease Research Center, Joseph & Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer''s Disease Research Center

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Alzheimer''s disease, Memory disorder, Dementia



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