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Invitrogen iPath

LINNEA Pathways is a user-friendly comprehensive online resource for gene- or protein-based scientific research. It is based on a total of 248 signaling and metabolic human biological pathway maps created for Invitrogen by GeneGo. The current version of iPath features 225 maps displaying human regulatory and metabolic pathways established in experimental literature produced by MetaCore from GeneGo, Inc. The map objects (proteins, genes, EC functions, and compounds) are connected via metabolic transformations and physical protein interactions, which were assembled by the GeneGo team of experienced annotators, geneticists, and biochemists. The pathways are organized in a vertical fashion following the general signaling path from signaling molecules and membrane receptors, via signal transduction cascades, to transcription factors and their gene targets. Following the natural organization of cellular machinery with highly interconnected pathways and modules, many maps are linked together via hyperlinked box symbols. Such linkage allows the reconstruction of a big picture view of human cell biology.

URL: http://escience.invitrogen.com/ipath/

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