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Inter-Chain Beta-Sheets

This database identifies and characterizes all inter-chain beta-sheet interactions within entries in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and within the corresponding hypothetical quaternary structures that are automatically generated at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), and that are currently available through the Protein Quaternary Structure (PQS) server, within the Macromolecular Structure Database. The data are stored in a relational database. The database can be accessed through the Web and queried through a simple form. Entries can be ranked according to the relative structural importance of their inter-chain -sheet interactions, or according to other criteria. The ICBS database is intended as a tool to: :* further the study of -sheet protein-protein interactions :* identify new ICBS interactions as new structures are deposited and as old structures are revised in the Protein Data Bank :* help select targets for drug design.

URL: http://www.igb.uci.edu/servers/icbs/

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beta-sheet, inter-chain beta-sheet, -sheet protein-protein interactions



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