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IUPHAR Database

The IUPHAR database is an established online reference resource for several important classes of human drug targets and related proteins. As well as providing recommended nomenclature, the database integrates information on the chemical, genetic, functional and pathophysiological properties of receptors and ion channels, curated and peer-reviewed from the biomedical literature by a network of experts. The database incorporates detailed pharmacological, functional and pathophysiological information on G Protein-Coupled Receptors, Voltage-Gated Ion Channels, Ligand-Gated Ion Channels and Nuclear Hormone Receptors (NHRs). Data types for NHRs include details on co-regulators, DNA binding motifs, target genes and 3D structures. Recent developments include curation of the chemical structures of approximately 2000 ligand molecules, providing electronic descriptors, identifiers, link-outs and calculated molecular properties, all available via enhanced ligand pages. The interface provides intelligent tools for the visualization and exploration of ligand structure-activity relationships and the structural diversity of compounds active at each target. IUPHAR-DB contributors The IUPHAR database is developed under the auspices of NC-IUPHAR to provide an accurate educative resource to the scientific community. It relies on contributions by expert pharmacologists who volunteer their time. All contributors are attributed on the website, allowing receptor data pages to be properly cited. Annotation procedure NC-IUPHAR has a network of expert subcommittees (presently over 60), each responsible for developing the nomenclature for a receptor family and contributing data. Where no relevant subcommittee exists, data are captured by the curators or individual experts and peer reviewed by at least two external expert referees. The data The data are summarized from selected primary literature articles, which are linked to PubMed. Where possible the data are linked to other relevant databases for further information.

URL: http://www.iuphar-db.org

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