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Hunt Biobank

International biobank storing whole blood and DNA from 200,000 individuals, serum and plasma samples from more than 100,000 individuals as well as urine, RNA tubes, cells, buffy coat and Na-heparin tubes for environmental analysis for as many as 50,000 individuals. All bio-specimens from the HUNT surveys are collected, processed and stored at the HUNT Biobank in Levanger. The National CONOR Biobank is located on the same site, where it serves as a central research repository for DNA samples from all the largest Norwegian health surveys. These make up the Cohorts of Norway (CONOR), which include samples from more than 200,000 individuals. * HUNT 1 was carried out in 1984-1986 to establish the health history of 75,000 people. * HUNT 2, carried out in 1995-1997, focused on the evolution of the health history of 74,000 people. This included blood sample collection from 65,000 people. The data that accompany biospecimens in the biobank are stored in secured computer systems that run complex database management and analysis software. * HUNT 3 was completed in June 2008. 93,210 people were invited to participate in the study, and as of the 6th of June, 2008, 48,289 people participated (52% participation rate). The data, collected by means of questionnaires, interviews, clinical examinations and collection of blood and urine samples, will be ready for analysis in January 2009. * Young-HUNT is the adolescent part of HUNT including participants aged 13-19 years. Young-HUNT1 (1995-97) was conducted as part of HUNT2, 9141 adolescents participated (90% response rate). Young-HUNT2 (2000-01) was a follow-up study of Young-HUNT1, 2400 students participated in both studies (77% of the invited). Young-HUNT3 (2006-08) was a new cross-sectional study as part of HUNT3. This time 8677 adolescents participated (87% response rate). Data collection included self-reported questionnaires, structured interviews, clinical measurements and, in Young-HUNT3, buccal smears. All institutions with research expertise can apply for access to analyze HUNT data. Projects must have recommendations from The Regional Committee for Medical Research in Norway (REK) and be registered with The Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD).

URL: http://www.ntnu.edu/hunt

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longitudinal study, population, health, environment, whole blood, dna, serum, plasma, urine, rna, cell, buffy coat, na-heparin, blood, medical history, family medical history, adolescent, self-reported questionnaire, structured interview, clinical measurement, buccal smear, analysis, adult, adolescent, aging

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Sample type: whole blood, DNA, serum, plasma, urine, RNA, cell, buffy coat, Na-heparin, Blood, buccal smear

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