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Human Tissue and Organ Resource for Research

THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, documented on July 17, 2013. A division of the National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI), based in Philadelphia, USA. NDRI is a nonprofit organization that procures and distributes normal and diseased human biomaterials, tissues, and organs to biomedical researchers in academia, government, and industry. As the national leader providing human tissues and organs to NIH-funded and university-based investigators, NDRI has developed a nationwide network of tissue collection partners to recover, preserve and distribute more than 20,000 biomaterials, tissues, and organs annually to more than 500 researchers. NDRI has developed targeted programs to increase the supply of human tissues and organs in areas with specific needs. Examples include the HIV Program and the Rare Disease Initiative. By collaborating with major medical centers, hospitals, pathology services, eye banks, tissue banks, and organ procurement organizations, HTOR provides a wide variety of normal and diseased human tissues and organs to researchers, using procurement protocols customized to meet the needs of individual investigators.

URL: http://www.ncrr.nih.gov/clinical%5Fresearch%5Fresources/resource%5Fdirectory/human_tissue_and_organ_resource_for_research/

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tissue, organ, nervous system, pulmonary system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, eye, bone, cartilage, normal, diseased, human immunodeficiency virus, heart, kidney, lung, brain, liver, eye, bone, joint, disease, rare disease, endocrinology, eye bank, immunology, infectious disease, nephrology, nervous system, ophthalmology, pathology, pulmonary system, research, specimen, toxicology, transplantation, catalog


Sample type: Tissue, Organ, Nervous system, Pulmonary system, Cardiovascular system, Endocrine system, Eye, Bone, Cartilage, Heart, Kidney, Lung, Brain, Liver, Joint,

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One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, Biobank

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Human Tissues and Organs for Research (HTOR), Human Tissues and Organs for Research, Human Tissue Organ Resource for Research, Human Tissues Organs for Research

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NIH Office of the Director, NIAID, NHLBI, NIAMS, NEI, NIDDK, Office of Rare Diseases Research,

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Biomaterial Supply Resource, Tissue Bank, Material Storage Repository


Public: More than 4, 000 specimens are delivered by HTOR annually to universities, Medical centers, And biotechnology companies to facilitate scientific advances for a variety of biomedical sciences., THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE

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Normal, Disease, Human immunodeficiency virus, Rare disease

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12:00am October 19, 2010

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