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Human Gene and Protein Database (HGPD)

The Human Gene and Protein Database presents SDS-PAGE patterns and other informations of human genes and proteins. The HGPD was constructed from full-length cDNAs. For conversion to Gateway entry clones, we first determined an open reading frame (ORF) region in each cDNA meeting the criteria. Those ORF regions were PCR-amplified utilizing selected resource cDNAs as templates. All the details of the construction and utilization of entry clones will be published elsewhere. Amino acid and nucleotide sequences of an ORF for each cDNA and sequence differences of Gateway entry clones from source cDNAs are presented in the GW: Gateway Summary window. Utilizing those clones with a very efficient cell-free protein synthesis system featuring wheat germ, we have produced a large number of human proteins in vitro. Expressed proteins were detected in almost all cases. Proteins in both total and supernatant fractions are shown in the PE: Protein Expression window. In addition, we have also successfully expressed proteins in HeLa cells and determined subcellular localizations of human proteins. These biological data are presented on the frame of cDNA clusters in the Human Gene and Protein Database. To build the basic frame of HGPD, sequences of FLJ full-length cDNAs and others deposited in public databases (Human ESTs, RefSeq, Ensembl, MGC, etc.) are assembled onto the genome sequences (NCBI Build 35 (UCSC hg17)). The majority of analysis data for cDNA sequences in HGPD are shared with the FLJ Human cDNA Database (http://flj.hinv.jp/) constructed as a human cDNA sequence analysis database focusing on mRNA varieties caused by variations in transcription start site (TSS) and splicing.

URL: http://www.HGPD.jp

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